Our Service Offerings

Our services offerings are designed to bridge the gap to successfully deliver scalable, robust, and secure enterprise applications in the cloud. We offer services across the following categories. Whatever your business needs may be, whether it is an application that requires fast reponse times, security, compliance, scalability and more - we will deliver on time and on budget.

Architecture Design

Architecture the design, deployment, and the infrastructure to maximize scalability, uptime, and flexibility to best fit you and your customer's needs. The design is based on the review of the requirements or the existing infrastructure and the recommendation will be based on these according to industry standards, best practices, and our years of experience.

  • Designed with security in mind
  • No unnecessary complexity
  • AWS, Google, CloudVpS, and most cloud providers


Building applications for the cloud will require your applications to behave in a way that supports horizontal scalability, fault tolerance, and high availability. We have passionate and very productive developers with years of experience building these exact types of applications. Let us help you build the next application on time and under budget. Quality, attention to detail, and productivity is very important to us. We focus on one platform- the JVM. We believe specializing on one technology gives us focus and leverage to produce the best possible solutions.

  • Existing or new applications
  • JVM specialists (Java, clojure, scala)
  • Highly experienced software engineers
  • REST specialists


As leaders in the scalable application and cloud space, we have what it takes to help you achieve your organizational goals. Our consulting capabilities include analyzing exiting applications for performance review/repair, architecture, maintainability, scalability, and reliability. For new applications, we can help build a roadmap so your team will know what it will take to get to production.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Existing application review and analysis
  • Customized to fit your business needs

Our Approach

You know your business more than anyone else. That’s why our process begins with understanding your organization's goals. We want to make sure your success criteria matches our own.

  • 1

    Listen and understand

    Every project begins with a discovery phase. We review your budget, timeline, technology as well as business needs so that we can determine how best to help you reach your goal.

  • 2

    Add our technical expertise

    Gather just enough technical and business requirements and just enough architectural modeling to determine a potential strategy to build a new system or to modify an existing one. The modeling effort provides just enough understanding to deliver an initial budget and schedule without the burden of excessive documentation.

  • 3

    Build and deliver

    Deliver valuable software early and often to solicit feedback and continuously enhance your project. As projects unfold, priorities and requirements naturally evolve. Our processes allow us to embrace and harness change, ensuring that you end up with the right solution.

What we deliver

These are some things we deliver in our engagement.


We will make sure that your goals are met, on time and on budget.

More revenue

Building scalable applications in the cloud means less downtime and more customers.

Reduced costs

Less in-house infrastructure and staff means less expenses.


We architect and build applications so that it is blazing fast.


We take security seriously. That is why all our work strictly adhere to industry security standards and best practices.

On time, on budget

Studies have shown unclear objectives, inexperience, poor quality and long delivery cycles account for most project overruns. We work closely with the client to identify any critical improvement areas throughout the engagement in order to maximize the rate of success.


We require the highest level of quality in our work. Peer reviews, unit, integration, and performance tests are standard. Less bugs and easier maintenance means less costs for you. That is very important to us.

No surprises

An open and honest relationship with our customer is something that we think is absolutely necessary for a successful project.


Customer-focused. We make sure our incentives align with customers before the start of every project.

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